5 Simple Tips to Speed Up House Training Your Puppy

Dog Blog – January 15, 2020 5 Simple Tips to House Training a Puppy One of the first and most important tasks to tackle as a new puppy owner is house training. This typically takes between four and six months, but in some circumstances can take up to a year. A little knowledge and a […]

A Puppy Mill PSA: Here are 4 Ways to Spot Bad Breeders

Dog Blog – January 20, 2020 A Puppy Mill PSA – Here are 4 Ways to Spot Bad Breeders You’ve got your heart set on a puppy and are looking around for a place to get one. You may have heard about puppy mills, and that you should avoid them, but perhaps you don’t really […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy in The Winter

German Shepherds in the snow

‎Whether you are lucky enough to have mild winters, or if, like us here in Pittsburgh, you are dealing with snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures, your four-legged friend can be just as affected by winter conditions as you are.

Belgian Malinois: The Hero You Probably Don’t Want in Your Home

Dog Blog – November 13, 2019 Belgian Malinois: The Hero You Probably Don’t Want in Your Home Hailed as a national hero, Conan the Belgian Malinois was wounded after chasing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi down a dead-end tunnel just before he detonated his suicide vest. Conan’s actions have sparked a renewed interest in this […]

Note to Self: Stop Acting Like You Know Everything

dog training with gary wilkes

My passion is learning (and dogs of course). This may be a strange passion I suppose, but I love to constantly learn. Although sometimes I have to remind myself that there’s no way I will ever know everything. 

Gracie’s Transformation

This is the story of Gracie, an 11 month old chocolate Border Collie who came to us with a severe case of aggression. She’s injured other trainers who initially thought she would be an easy case, but I knew right away she wouldn’t be. 

Is My Dog Actually Happy?

Husky lab beagle trained by Paw & Order Dog Training

You do everything for your dog… You snuggle with him, give him lots of belly rubs, let him pull you on walks, hold and pet him when he is scared, and give him lots of treats.  That makes a dog happy, right?  Wrong!