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The Pittsburgh Paw & Order team has helped over 3,500 dogs in the Pittsburgh area since 2013. We were awarded Pittsburgh Magazine’s “Best of the Burgh” readers’ poll in services and the Observer Reporter’s “Best of the Best Community Choice Award.”

Services offered include Board & Train, In-Home, Group Classes, Virtual Dog TrainingAdventures, and CGC.

We are passionate about dog training because we are passionate about dogs! We have seven dogs of our own (not including our trainers’ dogs) and they mean the world to us. We want everyone’s dogs to be as well-behaved as ours because it enhances the relationship and bond between owner and dog.

Five of our dogs were “problem” dogs whose former owners were just as frustrated as you may be now. These dogs have all been through our training program and are now model citizens. We love being able to enjoy our happy, well-trained dogs and take them places without fear.

Once your dog learns what they are supposed to do, there are no limits. Contact us today to set up your no-obligation consultation.

The Paw & Order Pittsburgh Pack: Owners Elissa & Steve with (from left to right) Turbo, Duke, Carly, Joey, Nala, Zera, and little Lincoln

Pittsburgh Team Members

All trainers are put through our rigorous Train the Trainer protocol led by owner Elissa Weimer-Sentner. This program consists of one-on-one coaching and shadowing with Elissa directly, as well as our other trainers. The length of time it takes to go through the program varies depending on the students availability. If the student has time to work with us 5 days a week, they could be ready to train in 1 to 2 months. But some programs can last 6 months or even a year if the student’s time is limited. We carefully evaluate every trainer before unleashing them into the world!

Elissa Weimer-Sentner

Owner & Head Trainer 

Dog trainer Elissa and Duke

Elissa Weimer-Sentner is the founder and owner of Paw & Order Dog Training. She is a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a member of the IACP and the APDT. She has earned a number of certifications and has been recognized many times for her work. Elissa has even been recognized as VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women.

Elissa served as a Combat Military Police Officer from 2007 to 2014. After graduating at the top of her class from California University of Pennsylvania, Elissa completed a highly selective Professional Dog Training Program as an outstanding graduate in 2012. She has also attended many seminars and training classes including:

Elissa primarily takes on Board & Train clients, but will occasionally take on In-Home clients when needed. Elissa’s goal is to bridge the gap between dogs and their people. With years of experience and a number of expert mentors, Elissa brings a training experience unrivaled by any other to the table. She believes the best method for training is not to rely on a single method, but to tailor a custom method to each dog. This has proven to provide the best results and the happiest, healthiest relationships for a family and their dog(s).

Where do I even begin!!! Elissa is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend their training programs and I truly couldn’t have asked for a better training experience.

Taylor S.

BBB Review

Taylor S.

BBB Review

Elissa is a miracle worker! She, quite literally, saved my dog’s life. Elissa is great at what she does, and I’d fully entrust any dog to her. 100% recommend Paw & Order.

Randy C.

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Liberty Costanzo

Office Manager

Liberty is a former client who hired us to help with her Border Collie Pitt-Mix, Dexter, back in 2013. She always wanted to work with dogs, so she went through our Train the Trainer program in 2014 and joined the team. She was one of our first trainers, working with clients from 2014-2016.

In 2017, Liberty transitioned to our full-time Office Manager. She is the person you’ll likely talk to when you call the office. 

Having spent two years training dogs and people makes her so valuable, because she can clearly communicate how our training programs work, and why they are so successful to prospective clients. She helps coordinate our hectic schedules and keeps us all in line!

Liberty, Elissa and all of the Paw & Order trainers are amazing! Liberty came to our house for a consultation & by the time she left, he was already a different dog! 

Beth B..

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Annie Pettinaroli

Professional Dog Trainer

Annie dog trainer

Annie grew her love of animals by volunteering in shelters for a few years, and eventually quit her job in Advertising to make working with animals her permanent career. After starting off as a dog walker and pet sitter, she eventually found training and instantly fell in love with helping people build relationships with their dogs.

She comes with experience working for private trainers, training facilities, as well as workshops in Florida and an apprenticeship in Texas. She joined the Train the Trainer program in Fall 2019. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors with her husband, 3 pups, and son!

After an intensive training session with Annie, our older dog, Roger, has become much easier to handle on the leash, off the leash, and in the home.

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Rachel Revitch

Professional Dog Trainer

Rachel has loved dogs since the time she first laid eyes on one. She took her love of dogs to the University of Pittsburgh, where she decided to major in psychology and blend her interest in animal behavior and adoration of dogs. While at Pitt, Rachel worked at a doggy daycare/kennel for two summers so she could be around dogs as much as possible while learning about their behavior.

After graduating from Pitt, Rachel received her training certification from Animal Behavior College, completed her externship with the head trainer at the Dog Stop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, and volunteered at a local shelter. During the externship, she brought her dog, a miniature Australian Shepherd named Koda, to many of the group classes. She also assisted in teaching some group classes to gain hands-on training experience. After the externship, she continued her work at the Dog Stop to help train boarding dogs.

Rachel joined the Train the Trainer program in the Fall of 2019 after discovering Paw & Order. She spent months working with Elissa and shadowing many of the trainers to gain valuable knowledge before becoming a full-time trainer herself.

We can’t recommend Paw & Order training enough! Rachel worked with us with our Pyrenees/Bernese puppy. She was always so helpful, full of knowledge and just a great person in general.

Katie Lynn H.

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Jamie Pawlowski

Professional Dog Trainer

Jamie always told her family and friends that one day she would leave the corporate world to work with dogs in some capacity full time. She hired Paw & Order for help with her dogs, Cooper (a Golden Retriever), Killian (a Shih Tzu Mix), and Sammi (a Golden Retriever). Jamie was so impressed with not only the results, but the entire process from start to finish, that she quickly realized she needed to become a dog trainer.

Every day after shadowing fellow trainers, Jamie felt true fulfillment and knew she had an opportunity to create harmony amongst dogs and their humans the same way Paw & Order did for her and her own dogs.

Jamie is eager to assist you and your dog in creating a lifelong bond that you both can enjoy!

I am so excited to have Jamie on our team! She was a great client, and she will be an even better trainer!

Elissa Weimer

Owner & Head Trainer

Jenn Osinski​

Group Class Trainer

Jenn’s love for animals started at a young age and it’s never gone away. She especially loves dogs of all kinds, especially her two sidekicks, Odin and Icy. After learning about the balanced school of dog training that Paw & Order stands behind, she knew she wanted to be a part of the team!

Jenn started the Train the Trainer program in early 2018, and she loves every moment of helping our clients build life long bonds with their dogs. Jenn runs our group classes at Pets Supplies Plus where she specializes in small groups of 2-4 pups.

I was hesitant about signing my dog up for obedience class but Jenn was amazing to work with and my dog came away learning many commands and rules I didn’t anticipate but only hoped for!!!

Emily S.

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Ashley Brooks​

Professional Dog Trainer

Ash, another former client, has been working with dogs her entire professional career and cannot imagine doing anything else. She works with all of our Board & Train dogs. Ash has worked in shelters, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, and as a dog walker and pet sitter out of her own home. 

During her time as a kennel attendant and veterinary technician, she handled dogs of various breeds, sizes, and personalities, including dog and human aggressive dogs and police K9’s. She also has a soft spot for puppies and loves getting owners and their pups off to a great start.

Ash from Paw & Order is truly amazing! Ash is great to work with, she is very knowledgeable and very caring.  

Sandy M

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Grace DeWitt

Professional Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Trainer Grace

At a very young age Grace knew she wanted to work with animals. When she was twelve years old she started a dog walking business in the neighborhood she lived in and walked all of the local dogs. Grace has worked in daycare and boarding kennels, vet hospitals, and animal shelters. She has two certificates in animal behavior from the Animal Behavior Institute. She has worked with many different breeds of dogs as well as dogs with all different behavioral issues, including human and dog aggression.

Grace joined the Train the Trainer program with us in early 2021 and now works at our facility with all of our Board & Train dogs. She spent months training and learning from all our amazing trainers. Being a dog trainer has been one of the most rewarding jobs she has ever had. In her own words: “I love being able to help owners speak their dogs’ language and setting them up for success.”

I met Grace when she was working with the Humane Society. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

Elissa Weimer

Owner & Head Trainer

Pam Mahon

Professional Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Trainer Pam

Pam’s love for all animals started at a young age with her family’s numerous labs and shepherds. She studied marine biology in college and knew she wanted to work with animals but could never find her niche. Instead, she found herself managing custom design jewelry companies after college, which taught her valuable communication and training skills.

With her love of dogs not being fulfilled in her career, she decided to volunteer with a local shelter. In 2018, Pam and her husband Brian, hired Elissa to train their newly adopted and highly human aggressive and dog reactive dog, Hero. Pam wanted to take on the challenge of being highly involved in his training and decided on an in-home training package rather than a board and train package. Pam put in a lot of sweat and tears training her dog and her passion for helping the helpless grew even more. In 2020 Pam reached out to Elissa to join her team and has been working with the board and train dogs ever since.

Someone asked Pam once where her passion for dog training comes from and she responded, “knowing that I have the ability to help someone not have to give up on a member of their family. The feeling that I had the first time Hero met a new person without reacting, I want others to have that same feeling of pure happiness.”

Pam was phenomenal!! Max loved her and she worked so hard with him and us! She kept us in the loop every step of the way in his progress and sent us detailed videos and daily updates. She loves her job and you can tell its more than just a profession. I definitely would recommend Paw &o Order of your dog needs any type of training!!

Walker and Brylee

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Hilary Liwosz

Professional Dog Trainer

Growing up Hilary always had an invested interest in helping to train the family dogs, which were mostly Newfoundlands. She eventually got her own dog, a Sheepadoodle named Ariat. Hilary worked with Ariat every day to train her to become a therapy dog. By the time Ariat was one year old, Hilary and Ariat had become a certified therapy dog team. They enjoy visiting the VA hospital in Oakland, nursing homes, universities, corporate offices, and elementary schools.

Hilary enjoyed training her family dogs and her dog so much that it turned into a passion for her. She realized there’s something special about the relationship humans have with their dogs, and this relationship can only be enhanced and made more special through training and having a well behaved dog to spend your time with. Hilary plans on becoming a service dog trainer for veterans, but also wanted to help other people grow this bond with their pets!

Hilary joined our Train the Trainer Program in Spring of 2020 and has spent months shadowing a number of our trainers and learning a lot from every one of them.

Hilary is a natural dog trainer! We are so thrilled she decided to go through our Train the Trainer program and join the team!

Elissa Weimer

Owner & Head Trainer

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