What is Dog Training and Why is it Important?

If you search “dog training definition” online, you’ll find countless definitions. To simply put it, dog training is the practice of intentionally communicating with your dog. 


This may sound over simplified, but it’s accurate. When you’re able to successfully communicate with your dog, that’s when you’re able to train them, whether you are teaching them how to sit, how to do tricks, or how to behave properly in public. And it’s a conversation that continues between the dog and the owner for life.


Socialization helps to domesticate your puppy, but dogs must also learn how to communicate with people in everyday life. Proper training is the key to be able to effectively and consistently communicate with your canine companion. This form of training is based on consistency, trust, and mutual respect.

Our Training Methods

Our training programs are tailored to your dog and your specific situation. Every dog is different, and they respond to different methods, which is why we don’t limit ourselves to one training method. All Paw & Order trainers are well versed in a number of different methods, and we will do what’s best for your dog and your family.


Our approach to dog training is best discussed during a face-to-face consultation. So before deciding if you want to hire us, we’ll conduct a thorough, no-obligation, 2-hour consultation at your house to ensure we’re a good fit for you and your family.

During this time, you and your trainer will discuss your dog’s history, social development, behavior patterns, personality, and energy level. 

We will develop training goals, discuss recommended training methods, and develop a custom training program.


Best of all, we offer commitment-based training! This means that we commit to working with you until we achieve all of your training goals!


The only thing we ask in return is that you stay consistent with your trainer’s instructions. Our job is to train you! You are the one that has to coexist with your dog(s) in between lessons and for the rest of your dog’s life.


Learn about our approach to dog training

In-Home Dog Training

We come to you and train in the dog's home

Board & Train

Leave your dog with us and we'll do all the training

Group Classes

Our small Group Classes are unlike others


We go on adventures with our clients and their dogs

Canine Good Citizen

We can certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen