Absolutely! Aggression is a behavioral issue, so it can be fixed, whether your dog’s aggression is triggered by strangers, other dogs, animals, noises, fear, or guarding (food, toys, territory, etc.).

Pricing may vary per location. But most programs require a thorough no-obligation 2-hour evaluation at your house to ensure we’re a good fit for you and your family. During this time, the trainer will assess your situation, discuss the recommended training method(s), and develop a custom training program. The evaluation is $100, but if you decide to sign up for training, that money will go towards the price of your training program, which varies depending on your dog’s situation.

Our in-home adult dog training and Board & Train programs are commitment-based, which means we don’t charge you by the session or hour, we charge by the job. You pay one flat fee when you approve your customized training program, and you pay nothing else until your dog’s training is complete, no matter how lengthy the training is, as long as you also put in the work!

Many of our clients hired us after trying several other trainers and/or group classes, which means they wasted a lot of money. Even if we’re not your first choice, we’re sure we’ll be your last, because we simply don’t quit until the job is done. 

If you’re simply looking for advice on how to get your dog to sit, stay, etc., we encourage you to research online, there is certainly no shortage of online training advice. But the cases we get require professional help.

As one of our clients put it in her review of us, “we tried books and videos – you just can’t substitute for good personal attention for teaching this stuff and reinforcing the right techniques.”

If you have a little bit of knowledge in plumbing, you may be able to install a new faucet, but you would want to hire a professional to repair a major plumbing issue.

As soon as possible! Don’t wait for a behavioral problem to develop. We offer an In-Home Puppy Training Program for puppies under 4 months old to prepare them for life with you and your family.

We are considered balanced trainers. Some dogs will require an all-positive approach, it really depends on the dog’s situation. Many of the cases we get do require some type of correction. The problem with all-positive training is that there may come a time with many dogs when the distractions are far more interesting to the dog than the high value reward the trainer is offering. This can be dangerous and actually result in someone, or another dog, getting injured.

It’s like the screaming kid at the grocery store who is begging for the candy bar. If you give in and give the child the candy bar, he will think that his bad behavior resulted in something good, the candy bar. So next time he wants something, he’ll scream even louder until the parent gives in. Book your no-obligation evaluation so one of our trainers can dive much further into this topic.

Yes, many of our clients have 2 or more dogs.

Most dogs that have one issue, either have other issues that their owner lets them get away with or that have not fully developed just yet. Fixing only one issue is like patching a crack in a dam. The patch might hold for a while, but the pressure will continue to build, and eventually another crack will form. But regardless, in-home training is beneficial if there is one issue or five. The knowledge you’ll gain will be useful for the lifetime of your dog and other dogs to come.

However, if your dog is not suffering from severe behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggression, or leash reactivity, our group classes may be a good fit for you.

We provide dog training services in Central Ohio, Houston/Galveston Texas, Twin Cities Minnesota, Southwest Florida, Upstate South Carolina, and Western Pennsylvania.

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