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We provide professional dog training services in Central Ohio, Houston/Galveston Texas, Twin Cities Minnesota, Southwest Florida, Upstate South Carolina, and Western Pennsylvania.

Not all locations have a physical address, the map indicates roughly the center of each location’s service territory.

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In the canine justice system, the dogs are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: 
The dog trainers, who investigate and solve the dog’s behavior problems; and the dog owners, who uphold the training taught to them.
These are their stories…

Each Paw & Order location is independently owned and operated, but every trainer is put through the same rigorous Paw & Order Dog Training Academy. This program consists of extensive one-on-one coaching and shadowing directly with our founder, Elissa Weimer-Sentner, as well as our other trainers. We carefully evaluate every franchise owner and dog trainer before unleashing them into the world! Dog training programs vary by location.

We provide dog training services in Central Ohio, Houston/Galveston Texas, Twin Cities Minnesota, Southwest Florida, Upstate South Carolina, and Western Pennsylvania.