Why Choose Paw & Order?

Because we regularly succeed when other trainers have failed! All of the dogs pictured below are our clients’ dogs. Don’t they look satisfied?

It is quite common for dog owners to hire us after they’ve tried other trainers and/or classes. We are not your typical dog trainers who charge by the hour or lesson. Our In-Home Adult Dog Training Program is commitment-based, which means we work with you until all of your goals are met, no matter how lengthy the training is. We value the relationships we build with our clients. If you run into issues years down the road, you can give us a call!

Everyone’s situation is different, which is why our training programs vary based on the individual dog, the owner, and the situation. Our approach will also allow for adjustments as the owner and the dog learn how to better communicate, and as the situation changes. Cookie cutter approaches will not get you or your dog to where you need to be. We will assess the situation during our consultation, discuss the recommended training method, and develop a custom training program. We train you as well as your dog(s), so you could say we are also people trainers!

We are referred by a number of Veterinarians because we get results. And we are extremely proud of the testimonials we receive from our clients. Contact us now to schedule your no-obligation consultation!


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