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Serving Corpus Christi, TX and Surrounding Communities

Our Corpus Christi Pack provides professional dog training to Alice, Beeville, Kingsville, Rockport, and all the towns in between.

Dog Training Services

Paw & Order Corpus Christi offers the following dog training programs. Contact us today to get scheduled or for more information.

Most issues start at your house, so it’s best to deal with them in their own environment. As training progresses, we may move the lessons to public areas in order to work with distractions. Our adult program is commitment-based, which means we work with you until all of your goals are met, no matter how lengthy the training is. Learn more >> 

The virtual dog training package works similar to our in-home package. It is commitment-based, which means we work with you until all of your goals are met, no matter how lengthy the training is. The difference is that instead of coming to you and working in the dog’s environment, we will set up an online virtual meeting, observe your dog’s behavior, and walk you through instruction step-by-step. Learn more >>

Meet the Pack

Josh Jones

Owner & Head Trainer 

Professional Dog Trainer Josh Jones

Josh Jones is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantry rifleman. He worked for several years in private security and as an EMT on an ambulance, while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Master’s of Recreation, Sport & Tourism. Josh spent nearly a decade protecting public lands as a Law Enforcement Park Ranger before deciding to pursue his passion for working with and training dogs. 

That moment came when he and his wife, Morgan, had to give back a reactive foster dog, because they didn’t know how to integrate her into their multi-dog home. They wondered how many amazing dogs could get adopted with proper training and decided to become part of the solution. The Jones’ household has had at least one canine family member for as long as anyone can remember and they want to help others create happier homes.

Professional Obedience Training Brings Out the Best in Our Dogs

We hear it all the time:

My dog is great, but he/she:

We’re sure your pup is great, but with our help, he/she can be even better! Don’t just manage your dog’s unwanted behaviors, fix them with expert dog training from Paw & Order.

Our Service Territory

If you live outside our area, you have the option of our virtual program.

Agua Dulce, Alice, Aransas Pass, Beeville, Bishop, Corpus Christi, George West, Gregory, Ingleside, Kingsville, Mathis, Odem, Orange Grove, Port Aransas, Portland, Robstown, Rockport, Sandia, Sinton, Skidmore, Taft, and Woodsboro.