Paw & Order Adventures

Join us for an adventure!

One of the things our clients LOVE about us is that we aren’t just a dog training company, we’re a family. And when you hire us to help you with your dog, you’re joining the Paw & Order family!

That means you’ll be invited to join us on our adventures! We hold various adventures throughout the year, usually once or twice every weekend. We go on pack walks at places like Raccoon Creek State Park, Sewickley Heights Park, Frick Park, North Park, the North Shore, the Panhandle Trail, and more. This year we plan on going camping, getting together at dog-friendly pubs/restaurants, and finding other creative adventure that our pups would love!

How much do we charge for these adventures? Nothing! It’s just an added bonus on top of getting a well-trained dog!

Not only is it fun to get out with your dog, but it’s also great exercise for both you and your dog. But perhaps most importantly, it allows our clients to continue honing the skills that they and their dog have learned from our training programs. Another bonus is that you get to meet new people - people like you who also struggled with their dog’s bad behavior before hiring Paw & Order.

These adventures present the perfect opportunity to work your dog around a lot of distractions. You don’t even need to be finished with your training to participate. Your trainer will tell you when your dog is ready to join.

All of our trainers run their own adventures, some might only have a handful of dogs, while others might have 20+ dogs!

If you’re an existing client, ask your trainer about these adventures. If you’re not a client, contact us now to join the Paw & Order family!

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