In the canine justice system, the dogs are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the dog trainers, who investigate the unwanted behaviors; and the dog owners, who uphold the training taught to them. These are their stories.

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For the past 8 years, I have struggled to find a trainer that could help my aggressive and anxious beagle mix. I went through 3 to 4 (and wasted a lot of money!) before I hired Elissa. I had just about given up when a coworker raved about their services, so I figured it was worth one last shot. It has been the best decision that I have ever made.

Before Paw & Order, the previous trainers I hired didn’t know how to handle my unpredictable dog. I would only get a few sessions in before each trainer realized that their techniques weren’t helping. He became so stressed and aggressive that giving him anti-depressant drugs became my only viable option. I knew that there had to be another way than giving my dog medication for the rest of his life.

I was very skeptical that they would be any different; however, in the first few minutes of my first session, I saw results with my dog that no other trainer was ever able to accomplish. It was evident that I had found the right company for the job. My beagle was responding, wasn’t stressed, and was actually improving in behavior all in the matter of an hour. Needless to say, I was absolutely amazed.

I am now 3 sessions in with my training and I feel like I have a brand new dog. My neighbors asked where I got my new dog and were stunned when they realized it was the same dog all along. His progress has been incredible and to me, a blessing. I can now take my dog in public without the fear he will attack another dog. He and I can enjoy our time together because he isn’t so anxious and fearful. Everywhere I go, I am asked, “Wow, how can I get my dog to be as well-behaved as yours?” My answer is to hire Paw & Order. They can train the untrainable!”
— Angela G., Pittsburgh
We had dogs (labrador retrievers and a boxer mix) for the last 16 years, but our newest labrador retriever puppy, Bear, through us for a loop. The training we used with the other dogs made no impact on him. We needed help right away to get him under control especially since he was growing fast and becoming very strong. Ash from Paw & Order came to our house for a consult and immediately recognized what would work for him. Even that day before we committed, she gave us a tip that he responded too immediately and helped us get some sanity back into our lives. She is great to work with and Bear loves to see her come to the house. She makes it fun for all of us and I’m amazed at the results. We saw huge changes in Bear’s behavior after the first visit— he listens and responds immediately, walks on leash without pulling, and seems to be a much happier, less hyper dog. Ash explained and demonstrated the methods and commands very clearly so that I could practice with Bear on my own. She also helped us sort out a crate issue that we were having in between scheduled visits. I was able to text her and get her advice, which worked like a charm. She has definitely saved our sanity! I would highly recommend Ash from Paw & Order!
— Sally P., Peters Township
I have had both of my German Shepherds trained by Paw & Order. I have a five-year-old German Shepherd female who has always been very docile and then we got a puppy male German Shepherd who is 90+ pounds and very hard to control. We were at defcon one at my house and my husband wanted to get rid of the puppy because we couldn’t handle him. I called Elissa and she told me to bring the puppy to her that same night to help me out. Elissa and Brittany trained my puppy to be the most obedient dog I have ever seen. He went from pulling me down the street and almost pulling my thumb off when he saw squirrels on our walks and pushing past us to get out the door to walking off leash (no joke!!) and sitting by my side anytime I tell him to. He will not move from a seated position unless I give him a release command. People are amazed at how good of a dog he is. And he is still a puppy! All of this took just 2 to 3 weeks. There is no one else I would ever use or trust with my dogs. They are absolutely fabulous trainers and they really care about the animals and how the dogs fit in with your family. They saved me from getting rid of my puppy! I will forever be grateful. Thank you Paw & Order and Elissa and Brittany!!!
— Dina F., Pittsburgh
I rescued a boxer who I named Cody that was abused and malnourished. Because of this abuse he is very afraid of people and has anxiety issues and also very aggressive. I spoke to my vet’s office thinking I should put him on meds they suggested I should contact a dog trainer and recommended Paw & Order. I called and made appointment with Jamie. She came to my house for a consultation and assured me that she would help make things better. I was very impressed by her knowledge and expertise in aggressive dogs.

She not only trained Cody but also taught me how to control and understand his behavior. After many in house lessons he is doing very well. Because of my age and bad knees I cannot walk him. Jamie suggested he be trained on a treadmill. She went so far as to find me an inexpensive one. Then her, her husband and father delivered it and set it up for me. She then taught me how to train him on it. I cannot thank Jamie enough for all she has done for me and Cody. I would recommend Paw & Order (Jamie) to anyone who needs an excellent dog trainer.
— Barbara, McKees Rocks, PA
We have a one-year old German Shepherd/Boxer mix named Prince. We have had him since he was about 6 weeks old and he was always an energetic, friendly boy. However, the bigger he got, the harder he was to manage on leash. We tried every type of harness and several consultations from “positive reinforcement only” trainers, yet, the pulling continued as Prince likes to say, “Hi” to everyone and every dog on the street. Finally, we decided to give “Paw & Order” a chance and that is when we met Liberty Costanzo. During our free consultation, Liberty assured us that she could stop the pulling in only one session! Thinking, this almost sounded too good to be true, but knowing that we had an unlimited number of sessions, we decided to give it a try. To our astonishment, Liberty was right! With the combination of training methods and excellent in-home training, personally designed for Prince, we quickly progressed through the 6 lessons (yes, only 6!) and now have a dog that other owners envy as he follows commands and enjoys time off leash as well! We enthusiastically recommend “Paw & Order” and Liberty Costanzo to anyone interested in giving their dog a new lease on life and off leash freedom!
— Barbara B., Pittsburgh, PA
Thank you so much for all you have done for Coco. Your efforts have taken her from an anxious, “hyper” dog, who had a very tough time attracting attention at adoptions events, to a well-behaved girl who walks beautifully on the leash, and greets people politely. You’ve made her so much more adoptable!
— Kim Hawkins, Director, Rural Dog Rescue
“I have known Elissa professionally for approximately the past year. Elissa has provided behavior analysis for several of my veterinary clients, as well as a personal friend, and helped them to formulate a lasting behavioral modification and training plan for their canine companions. Her services have ranged from basic obedience for boisterous young adult dogs to more complicated cases of anxiety, fear, and aggression. Every client I have referred to Elissa has been more than satisfied with the goals they were able to achieve, and most have expressed that they only wished they had contacted her sooner.

Personally, Elissa impressed me right off the bat with her warm outgoing personality, excellent communication skills, and dedication to her profession. Her positive multimodal approach, and extensive experience with challenging canine behavior cases, has certainly made her an asset among the variety of professionals I refer my clients to for specific needs outside of my hospital. Elissa has an exceptional commitment to bettering the lives of canines and their families. I feel fortunate to be able to refer my clients to such caring and qualified professional!”
— Dr. Kate Ewald, VMD of Wexford Veterinary Hospital
I am not a first time dog owner. I’ve owned 3 Akitas and 1 Labrador Retriever. They all lived long lives and were no problem training. Two years after they all passed I was ready to welcome a new member to our family. We decided on a female Akita. I was not prepared for the wrath of our new baby girl. She would bite us constantly, tear our clothes, jump up and bite, attack us while in the yard. I tried everything I knew and everything I read online and nothing worked. I am so thankful for Elissa at Paw & Order. Now I have the most well behaved dog I’ve ever owned. She is always obedient. Not only does she respond to voice commands but also obeys hand signals. She comes when called, stays in place when visitors come, doesn’t jump, leaves an object when instructed... And much much more. I would definitely recommend Elissa. She saved us!
— Susan M., Murrysville, PA
My dog, Korra, is a Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix who /had/ extreme fear reactivity to dogs, a sloppy recall, and wasn’t always polite when greeting people. She is a three year old rescue that has been in my life for little over a year, and she was hard to handle. I love her more than anything, but she was ruining my life. Walking her was a chore, playing with her was a nightmare, and I couldn’t trust her off the lead for the life of me. She was anxious, had an almost uncontrollable prey drive, and strange dogs scared her so much that she would treat them all like a threat and decide to go down fighting.

After our very 1st lesson, Korra was walkable. She was manageable...and I would only see her confidence grow with every lesson and every day I spent training her on my own. Korra has become an amazing dog, the amazing dog I saw behind the bars of a kennel and now at the foot of my bed. She is my best friend, my companion, and Elissa helped bring that to the surface. Korra is a completely different dog; she is happy to live, happy to train, and embraces every challenge. This company doesn’t just help you train your dog, they train you to bring out the best in your animal.

If you want a confident, well rounded, and a come-when-you-call dog, contact Paw & Order Dog Training. They will do their best to help you and your dog be the best team you can be.
— Ash B., Pittsburgh, PA
Elissa was referred to us by a vet friend for help with our Border Collie mix puppy. While we are lifelong puppy and dog owners and typically raised ours without formal training, we needed help with this one. Elissa was impressive from the first consult visit throughout every lesson, phone call and email assistance. Her combined enthusiasm, professionalism and methods in training us to train our puppy and adult dogs has been life changing. It has put us in charge of the house, cultivated relationships between the three dogs, and most importantly, showed us the way in training and reinforcing behaviors daily for long lasting/permanent changes in all three (and us). It has shown us how much we didn’t know, and how wonderful proper training can do for household harmony. Her impact was immediate on the first visit and she provides constant positive reinforcement. Though we’ve used a few other trainers for ad hoc issues, none compare with her abilities. You’ll be thrilled with the results.

PS: We tried books and videos - you just can’t substitute for good personal attention for teaching this stuff and reinforcing the right techniques.
— Rose, Gary, Lightning, Stormy and Jetstream (the 'former' little maniac), Trafford, PA
Whenever we adopted our dog Tuco we had no idea that our lives would be turned upside down. We were expecting a calm, happy dog but instead received a scared, anxious ball of nerves. He wouldn’t leave our side and showed his anxiety by acting out in every way possible. Countless piles of pee and poop, destroyed couches, ripped up carpet all the way to concrete, and chewed furniture awaited us upon our return home from every time we left the house. We were prisoners in our own home. We didn’t want to give up on him but could see how someone could make that decision. As a last resort we decided to look for some outside help. Our research led us to Elissa. After three months of work, several visits, and hundreds of text messages we now have the happy well adjusted dog we hoped for. He is able to be crated and actually enjoys the time he spends alone in his crate. Thanks to the lessons she has taught us, we are now able to have normal lives again. The compliments we receive on his behavior are a testament to how much she really cares for dogs and for how much she helped us, and for that, we are thankful.
— Rob Y., West Mifflin, PA
Elissa is by far the best dog trainer around. She has trained my two formerly unruly Pitt bull puppies, after two lessons She taught the dogs to walk on the leash, taught the dog it’s name, a wait command, place, how to stop puppy biting, house training etc. She thoroughly explained how dogs think and how you needed to think like the dog to be able to fully train the dog fairly. The training she provided start my pups out on the right paw.
— Michael H., Pittsburgh, PA
Elissa helped us keep our chocolate lab Buddy! We got Buddy as a pup and about the time he turned a year old he started to develop fear aggression — we could not have people at the house and had a hard time taking him for walks for fear something would happen. We tried other training methods/trainers — and were lucky to find Elissa thanks to a referral. She helped us keep Buddy!!! Today, we can take him for a walk without fear of someone approaching, people come in the house and he either goes directly to his “place” or retires to the upstairs — we even have workers going in and out of the house now and is calm. We even let him enjoy some unleash time on our property and he responds to commands and comes when called —- a totally different dog! Thank you Elissa for helping us so he could stay happily in our lives!
— Krista Z., Brookline, PA
I cannot say enough good things about Elissa! My mom and I are new to training puppies, and Elissa made sure to “train” us as well as our two little cavalier puppies. She goes as far as providing printed notes so that you are able to reference the lesson at any time.

On top of training our dogs, Elissa also helped us find a home for my Aunt’s dog. My aunt is currently selecting between two amazing new owners, thanks to Elissa. If you are looking for a dog trainer in the Pittsburgh area, get in contact with Paw & Order Dog Training. They will travel to you and work around your schedule!
— Megan M., McDonald, PA
Our German Shepherd had aggression issues toward people and other dogs. Elissa worked with our dog, and taught us techniques to control his behavior in all situations. I can now walk with him off leash with confidence, and we love that other people can now enjoy our dog as much as we do. Elissa is an amazing trainer, and we can’t recommend her strongly enough!
— David L., Murrysville, PA
Elissa is the best! She has been working with our dog ziva and us. We saw improvement in the first training! Ziva had her last lesson and is working to become a therapy dog. She is doing much better and Elissa is so helpful. She worked with all of us and helped us understand why ziva was acting like the boss. She now is able to do all basic commands and is able to stay off leash while walking.
— Johni L., Washington, PA
Elyssa has been fantastic w/my Frenchie Lola who has had some major aggression problems towards my other dogs. Since training started Lola has had no attacks and her behavior has done a total 360! Not only does my dog continue to improve and learn new things I am also learning to be a better dog owner and leader. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lola and me! Thxs so much Elyssa!
— Karrie V., Oakdale, PA
Elissa has done a fabulous job with our rescue Weimaraner between 3-5 years old. When adopted, he pulled on his leash uncontrollably, only obeyed commands for treats, counter and table surfed, and really gave us a hard time eating at the dinner table. Within one session, he was walking on the leash by my side, without pulling, which seemed worth it right there. Within session two and three, my rescue pup learned how to obey commands without constant treats and leave us alone at the dinner table. Elissa taught us how to train him to do all of this without negatively impacting our growing relationship with our rescue pup, who can sometimes be sensitive to corrections. Where ever we go, people compliment us on how well behaved and calm he is now, especially for a Weimaraner. While he still has his moments (he is still a dog!), our rescue pup has vastly improved. Five stars for Elissa, thanks!
— Amanda D., Presto, PA
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