Meet Our Sidekicks

We refer to our dogs as our sidekicks because they can play a big part in our training program. Many of our clients hired us because their dog(s) were either aggressive, fearful, or simply didn’t know how to interact with other dogs. So our sidekicks can play a big part in their rehabilitation, often times as distractions, but sometimes for simple socialization. Below is not an all inclusive list of our sidekicks, since this page went up, we’ve added more to our pack!


Female German Shepherd

Born July 2013

Elissa's Sidekick

Nala is Elissa's princess. She goes everywhere with her. If you ever see us at any event, such as the Pittsburgh Pet Expo, you'll certainly see Nala there, and you'll notice she never takes her eyes off of mom.

Nala was a former client's dog who was unable to keep her when he moved after Nala’s training was finished. She came from Atlanta where she used to be aggressive towards people. Today, she wouldn't hurt a fly.


Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Male Shiba Inu

Born August, 2013

Elissa's Sidekick

Duke is Elissa's smartest sidekick. He's too darn smart for his own good! He was also a client's dog, but she acquired Duke under different circumstances. Duke's owner hired Elissa to help his Shiba Inu puppy who was showing signs of severe aggression. Elissa was not his first trainer, but during the consultation, he realized she would be the only one to rehabilitate Duke.
The client was so pleased with Elissa that he married her, so now she's stuck with both of them.

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Female German Shepherd

Born March 2014

Elissa's Sidekick

Carly (AKA Supermodel) is a ball of energy, and she loves everyone! She eats and eats, but never seems to gain any weight (hence the nickname).

Carly was also a former client’s dog. She was found in Texas weighing only 35 lbs. She was a runaway, and you couldn't leave her off leash or she'd be gone. After going through our Board & Train Program, Elissa was puppy sitting Carly one day when her former owner texted her to see how she was doing, Elissa jokingly replied "Great! Can we keep her?" And the owner said yes. Unfortunately (fortunately for Elissa), the owner was traveling 3 weeks every month, and he didn't feel it was fair to Carly, so he asked Elissa to adopt her. 


Female Mix (possible Chow/Boxer)

Born 2013

Brittany’s Sidekick

Nunnie is one of Brittany’s sidekicks. Her previous owner reached out to us via Facebook to ask if we could foster her and find her a new home. This was not a client's dog so we had no idea what to expect as far as her temperament. Immediately we knew she'd be easy to re-home because of how lovable and smart she was. She needed some fine tuning as far as training goes, but she was a very quick learner! Trainer Brittany fell in love and decided to keep her. 

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Male Border Collie Pitt Mix

Born January 2014

Liberty's Sidekick

Dexter is another success story. Liberty hired us to help her pup, and here is the review she left (prior to her joining our team):

"We started training our border collie pit mix with Elissa about 8 months ago, and it has been like day and night! Since training started there has been a consistent upward trend and we are LOVING it. We're even able to take him to the point during events such as the arts festival a few weeks ago and on the river walk! It's been amazing to be able to do things with him and people even stop us now and say "he is so well behaved!" 

Before training he was hell on a leash, barking and lunging at everything with wheels and other dogs. Now we are able to walk with ease and I'm not a worried ball of nerves when I see another dog or a bike! Simply it has been an amazing experience." 

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Male Chow/Samoyed Mix

Born November 2012

Jamie's Sidekick

Luke was a rescue from the humane society. He used to be afraid of everything, especially men. But thanks to Paw & Order Dog Training, he is now relaxed in any new environments and easily makes new friends. He loves peanut butter and snuggles. Jamie was told originally that Luke was a Pomeranian, she was very surprised to see that he grew so big!

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Female GSD, Husky, Border Collie Mix

Born June 2012

Jamie's Sidekick

Leia is a rescue from an accidental litter. She used to have severe aggression issues with other dogs. But once again, due to the training from Paw & Order Dog Training, she now helps other dogs get over their own aggression issues. Leia loves to play fetch and go on walks.

Pittsburgh Dog Trainer


Male Mystery Terrier Mix

Born April 2011

Jamie's Sidekick

Finn was rescued by the Brentwood Police Department at age 4. Jamie brought him in after being trained as a trainer. She was able to rehabilitate Finn, who had severe potty training issues! He couldn't even go an hour during the day without going to the bathroom (even in his crate). But now he's able to be left home alone outside of his crate with no issues. Finn loves to eat anything and everything and loves playing with his brother and sister.

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