Ryan McCay

Ryan developed an interest in working dogs after his father brought home a beagle puppy to help with rabbit hunting. Ever since then he has had a desire to include dogs as a part of his life. He joined the United States Air Force in 2013 where he was able to witness the true power of a working dog. He spent his free time watching the dog handlers train and exercise their dogs. This is what led him to contact us in June of 2016. We were impressed by his motivation and passion so we brought him on as a training assistant. He has since graduated our Train the Trainer program and is a full time dog trainer. Ryan has worked extensively with reactive, aggressive, and fearful dogs; giving them all a chance at a better life. He has trained with trainers from all over the world, going to workshops, such as:

He is also a member of professional canine organizations, including:

Ryan’s training philosophy revolves around finding the right motivators to get your dog to want to work for you. He does this in a patient, efficient, and most importantly, safe manner. 

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