Nate Pankratz

Nate was born in northern Virginia, but grew up in South Pasadena, CA. He got started working with canines as a Vet Tech. His love of dogs also led to him fostering rescued Pit Bulls, one of which he ended up adopting (one of his two sidekicks). Nate moved to Pittsburgh in 2013 where he continued working with dogs at a local dog daycare and boarding facility. 

Nate decided he wanted to train dogs as his full time career, so he reached out to Paw & Order in 2016. His background and personality made him an easy fit! Nate has since gone through our Train the Trainer protocol, and also attended Gary Wilkes' Broad Band Seminar in Phoenix, AZ. Nate is ready to help our clients and their pups be the best they can be!

Pittsburgh Dog Training