Paw & Order K9 Detective Unit
K9 handler Elissa with K9 Zera

K9 handler Elissa with K9 Zera

Narcotics & Bed Bugs

Drug Dog for Hire – Private Detection Services

Take a proactive approach to drug use and abuse! We offer a confidential drug detection service for employers, schools, parents, and probation companies.

Our Belgian Malinois, Zera, was trained to meet or exceed national law enforcement drug detection standards. Her gifted nose can detect the following odors:

- Marijuana
- Cocaine
- Methamphetamine
- Heroin
- MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly)

Zera was certified as a narcotics dog by the American Working Dog Association in November 2018. We work alongside American K9 Detection Services and local probation departments.

In March 2018, she participated in the On Point K9 Police Competition in Scottsville, KY. The competition was restricted to law enforcement, so we were very grateful that Jason Hanley and Randy Hare allowed Zera to run through the scenarios. Jason, who owns Alpha Pet Boarding, Grooming, and Training in Kentucky, is a two time graduate of Gene England’s Advance Canine Academy, where he carries his certification for narcotic and patrol training. Randy runs “Randy Hare’s School for Dog Trainers” (where Zera attended) and his list of accomplishments is far too long to list here! Watch Zera in action in the video below (her handler, Elissa, has no idea where the drugs are hidden during these searches).

Zera is capable of locating the source of narcotic odor even if the drugs have been recently removed, used, destroyed, or relocated. She is efficient in searching houses, apartments, vehicles, warehouses, offices, dorm rooms, parking lots, job sites, and more.

Paw & Order does not conduct searches at your home or facility as law enforcement. In the event of an alert by our trained detection dog you will be advised of the area and you will decide how to proceed. This gives you the opportunity to handle the situation without the intervention of police, the court system, the department of human services, or the media.

Searches start at just $100 for any space up to 2,000 square feet.

Call 412.564.3647 or submit an online inquiry form for more information!

COMING SOON - K9 Bedbug Detection Services for Hotels/Motels

Pittsburgh is #1 in many areas, one of those being the top bed bug cities in the country (that’s not good).

If you suspect your hotel or motel has a bed bug problem, Paw & Order can send a trained bed bug scent detection K9 to inspect. Our German Shepherd, Kai, is at the end of his training to become certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and the Integrated Bed Bug Management Association (IBBMA). These certifications ensure that canines and handlers meet the highest standards of detector dog team performance in the industry in accordance with the standards outlined in the NPMA Best Management Practices.

Kai can perform a bed bug inspection much faster than a human without damage to furnishings and without disruptions. He is trained to detect even just one live bed bug! Kai has been trained to locate only live bedbugs and viable eggs, quickly and efficiently. We offer fast, quality, discreet bedbug detection services.

We are not a pest management company, so we have no vested interest in finding bed bugs, and there is no extra work for us should we find an infestation at your hotel/motel.

If you want to be notified when this service is available, call 412.564.3647 or submit an online inquiry form.

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