Intensive Obedience Class

Does it feel like your dog never runs out of energy no matter how many walks they go on? 
Our Intensive Obedience Class may be the perfect option for you! For many dogs, a walk will only tire out their body, but not their mind. Structured training, especially impulse control, will tire your dog out faster than you can blink an eye.

In our course, we focus on training that does exactly this, as well as working on fun things like obstacles and socializing with others. Our classes are perfect for dogs who keep getting kicked out and turned away from other classes due to poor behavior. We believe this is counterproductive because a structured class is exactly what those dogs need!

Before deciding to sign up, we invite you to join our Meet the Trainer event at VCA Met Vet West Animal Hospital in Robinson Township. This is a FREE, no-obligation event for owners only (no dogs) to introduce you to the trainer, and give you more detailed information on what to expect from this class. Contact us now for more information on the next Meet the Trainer event.

The cost of the class is $289 per dog. Classes will be 1 to 1.5 hours long and will be held once a week for 5 weeks following the Meet the Trainer event.

We are currently working on securing indoor space to hold classes during the winter. Contact us today if you'd like to be notified when the next class is scheduled.


Curriculum includes:

  • Stopping Nuisance Behaviors – such as barking, jumping, and housebreaking problems.
  • Sit, Extended Sit, Down, and Extended Down
  • Heel – no more pulling! Your dog will walk beside you on a loose leash.
  • Drop it and Leave it – your dog will drop anything that is in his/her mouth.
  • Recall – your dog will immediately come to you when called.
  • Place – your dog will go to a designated spot, relax and stay until released, even with distractions!
  • Fun – while this is an intense class, we will do things to keep it fun for the dogs and the owners!
6 week obedience classes offered in Pittsburgh, PA
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