Ashley Brooks

Ash has been working with dogs her entire professional career and cannot imagine doing anything else. She has worked in shelters, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, and as a dog walker and pet sitter out of her own home.

Ash hired Paw & Order when she was having issues with her dog, Korra. She loved the training process and the results so much that she decided she wanted to help other dog owners who were going through a similar experience. She went through our "Train the Trainer" program and turned her passion for dogs into a career. Ash now specializes in fearful and aggressive dogs, having owned an aggressive dog herself; the same dog that prompted her to explore a career as a dog trainer.

During her time as a kennel attendant and veterinary technician, she handled dogs of various breeds, sizes, and personalities, including dog and human aggressive dogs and police K9's. She also has a soft spot for puppies and loves getting owners and their pups off to a great start.

Ash enjoys hosting pack walks and small group training classes for Paw & Order clients in addition to the in-home training program.

Ash also has fun with her personal dogs in various dog sport, including mushing, agility, conformation, disc, and dock diving. She currently owns two Australian Shepherds and one Siberian Husky, and she spends her free time raising and handling show dogs for Shadomoon Aussies in Sewickley.

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